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Edumanity logga We believe in building communities of dreamers and doers



At Edumanity we believe in building communities of dreamers and doers.

We believe that we can make a positive impact through our ideas. It is our firm belief that the crowd is more powerful than the lonely genius. We value openness, simplicity and the wisdom of crowds.

Established companies and startups are joining us to crowdsource their product and marketing development. Regardless if you have a community or not, we are here to help. What is more important is that you share our values, and beliefs. Let’s work together to create something better.

Idea Hunt – one tool, endless possibilities

Idea Hunt is a tool for crowdinnovation


Unleash the silent knowledge within your organisation.

Intelligent software

Code developed and used at Lund University gives you real edge

Save time

Collect, refine and approve ideas that make a difference.

Access everywhere

Contribute with ideas and feedback on mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

Any type of media

Use video, images and text for maximum creativity.

Fully scalable

Works well for both small and big organisations and corporations.

What people are saying

Edumanity has built their software and experience from a global and ultra-collaborative basis. Connections are made around the globe in a human peer to peer-solution, helping skills go viral. This is exactly what we built the Axis culture around, so the fit is striking.
Jonas Hansson

Chief Information Officer, Axis

We used the Idea Hunt to source actionable ideas, from our community, to help us improve our online marketing for our smartwatch ReVault. Within 2 weeks we had received over a hundred participants, and ideas, that we are incorporating in our product launch. The Idea Hunt was a good match for us, considering that our smartwatch was built using crowdsourced ideas.

Josef Haddad

CEO, Brace It