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Ideas: harvest more and refine better ones in your organisation

Ideas: harvest more and refine better ones in your organisation

ideation600Among your employees there is an abundance of tacit knowledge and brilliant ideas that can save time and money, increase revenue, make work easier and safer, improve quality and enhance customer experience. Our app The Ideation Loop makes it possible for companies and organizations to continuously be better through harvesting and refining good ideas from their employees. Our solution offers the following benefits:

✓ Harvest a large amount of ideas effectively
✓ Refine the best ideas with digital feedback loops
✓ Decision-makers only need to evaluate the best ideas
✓ Employees can easily enter their ideas, wherever they are, with mobile devices
✓ The system automatically matches ideas with people best suited to give feedback and evaluation
✓ Simple monitoring of ideas and statistics
✓ Possibility to stimulate idea development with incentive programmes

Want to know more about how the Ideation Loop can help your organisation grow through continuous improvements?

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Interview with Håkan Dennersten in Sydsvenskan

Interview with Håkan Dennersten in Sydsvenskan

Håkan Dennersten

[stag_intro]Håkan Dennersten, the CEO of Edumanity, was interviewed in the Sydsvenskan newspaper today:[/stag_intro]

The courses we build are a synthesis of gaming, social networking and traditional e-learning. We allow students to learn as much from their peers, as from their teachers. Our company is pioneering crowd-learning online.


All pieces of the puzzle are coming together; capital, big clients, a dedicated team, and a business model. I believe that Edumanity will grow rapidly, but our biggest competitors are conferences and traditional e-learning. We are ready to take the fight, and convince our future clients to make the shift.

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Bringing crowd-learning to mobile

Bringing crowd-learning to mobile

We are working on improving the crowd-learning experience on mobile devices. That’s why we teamed up with UsTwo and 24HR for a whole day workshop. We used lego to swiftly prototype the core functionality of an upcoming app, as well as a explore user experience. Lots more to come. Stay tuned!

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