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Changing the world, one Nobel Peace Price winner at a time

Changing the world, one Nobel Peace Price winner at a time

FotoHåkanYunusEdumanity has signed a memorandum of understanding together with the Nobel Peace Price winner and social entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus. It all started with the network Creative Lund that thought Edumanity would be the perfect link to an idea that Mr Yunus had. A creative discussion over dinner and a new project was born!

The aim is to create a project that helps the illiterate children of Bangladesh, to in a fun way, learn how to read. A mobile based game will be created and released in Bangladesh to start with, and who knows where it will end? Together with Yunus, Edumanity will literally change the world!


Edumanity is expanding – Welcome Lotta!

Edumanity is expanding – Welcome Lotta!


Meet our new colleague, Lotta Eriksson! She will be assisting our CEO, Håkan Dennersten, with client projects, partners and sales.

Lotta has experience working with regional and international projects. She has recently been working with a youth project in Kalmar County, focused on creating new opportunities for young people to gain international experiences and exercise democracy. A short introduction is in order:

What gets you up in the morning?

I am passionate about meeting new people, and visiting new places. I love working in projects that, in concrete ways, improve the lives of others.

What is your best characteristic?

I enjoy talking to and in front of people. The bigger the group the better!

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m an expert at making crème brûlée. I have also jumped parachute 12 times.

What interests do you have? 

My big interest in life is riding, something I’ve been doing since childhood. Above all, show jumping and dressage. I have also worked as a riding instructor and off.

What is your dream destination?
Traveling is a passion of mine and the only continent I have not visited yet (except the poles) is South America. I really want to go to Costa Rica to see wild tapirs!

Lotta, warm welcome to Edumanity!