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Ideas: harvest more and refine better ones in your organisation

Ideas: harvest more and refine better ones in your organisation

ideation600Among your employees there is an abundance of tacit knowledge and brilliant ideas that can save time and money, increase revenue, make work easier and safer, improve quality and enhance customer experience. Our app The Ideation Loop makes it possible for companies and organizations to continuously be better through harvesting and refining good ideas from their employees. Our solution offers the following benefits:

✓ Harvest a large amount of ideas effectively
✓ Refine the best ideas with digital feedback loops
✓ Decision-makers only need to evaluate the best ideas
✓ Employees can easily enter their ideas, wherever they are, with mobile devices
✓ The system automatically matches ideas with people best suited to give feedback and evaluation
✓ Simple monitoring of ideas and statistics
✓ Possibility to stimulate idea development with incentive programmes

Want to know more about how the Ideation Loop can help your organisation grow through continuous improvements?

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A new awesome addition to our team – Amy!

Variation Amy

Meet our new colleague, Amy Chin!

She will be working on project and fund applications for Edumanity’s projects.

Before moving from Hong Kong to Sweden 11 years ago Amy worked in publishing for several years, as writer and editor. Before joining Edumanity she was Project Officer at the Environment Department in Malmö and coordinated international projects.

What gets you up in the morning?

To walk my dog, first of all 🙂

I also look forward to learning new things every day. It’s important to stay hungry and foolish.

What is your best characteristic?

I observe, understand and analyse. I create order out of chaos and communicate complicated ideas in simple words.

Do you have any hidden talents?

While I can neither swim nor drive, I can change a light bulb and make tasty Swedish meatballs.

What interests do you have? 

1. Reading: novels, magazines, articles. I’m not a fast reader, but I read something every day.

2. Make things: Anything from doodling to paper collage to sewing a shopping bag, I find time to make something with my hands every week.

3. Mobile photography: Ever since I downloaded Instagram on my telephone two years ago I’ve been taking and uploading pictures almost every day.

What is your dream destination?

I don’t have a to-visit list, because I believe in discovering something amazing wherever I go. I just need to have my mind and eyes open. But in general I’m more intrigued by older places. New urban spaces feel boringly similar, while all old towns are unique.

Check out the new website for

Check out the new website for

box-tgoAfter months of hard work is starting to take form. There is still lots of work to be done but you can sign up for the news letter right now to get the latest updates. will bring the UN’s international goals for sustainable development closer to the people and make thousands of young people both learn about them, but more importantly make an impact on them. offers a unique open crowd-learning experience to connect students and youth from all corners of the world, using even the most basic mobile devices. The aim of is to build understanding and cooperation about the upcoming international goals for sustainable development, which are to be adopted by the United Nations in Autumn, 2015. is the place for curious and innovative young people who want to learn more about the upcoming sustainable development goals and how to contribute to their fulfilment. That is, building a smarter and more sustainable world.

Together, with you, we want to create unprecedented learning. We want to engage you and use crowd-sourcing to get stories of local challenges, successes and innovative solutions in pursuing sustainable development from around the world.

What are you waiting for? Just visit and join the ride!


Meet Edumanity’s new colleague, Erik Emmerfors!

erikeErik is an addition to the support & technical aspect of Edumanity.

Eriks experience varies from working with art direction to programming or both at the same time. Basically he is a generalist. Last proud effort were at, where he was a part of the design team.
He also worked with sustainability at Goodworld AB. A short introduction is in order:

What gets you up in the morning?

Marie my partner then coffee to stay up.

What is your best characteristic?

I am extremely curious, why do you ask?

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am terrible at hiding stuff, best to keep them in the open.

What interests do you have? 

Later years I have found an unexplored interest, astronomy.

What is your dream destination?
I want to go the Antarctica and see wild penguins, they are awesome.

Erik, warm welcome to Edumanity!