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Reference group testAs hardworking as we all are at Edumanity, the weekend is still usually a time to leave work behind. But not this past weekend of 24-25 January. On both days we opened our door and welcomed a group of scouts from Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden, as well as a World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) Project Manager who came all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The occasion? To test out the first courses of TheGoals!

Without any prior knowledge of TheGoals, the scouts were given an introduction on its background and objectives. They then dived straight into testing two courses – Poverty and Social Inclusion – on mobile devices. As they enjoyed completing different tasks and missions on the courses, and earning credits, the participants also gave us lots of feedbacks on functionality and usability.

As the young scouts have headed home it’s time for our production team to incorporate their feedbacks into the next round of development. It’s going to be an exciting Spring ahead as we will launch the co-branded version of TheGoals at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan this summer!

Learning by gaming

Learning by gaming


Our CEO Håkan Dennersten has been featured in the latest issue of Uppdrag mission. Responding to the theme of how to lift people out of poverty, Håkan talked about Edumanity’s collaboration with Professor Yunus and the Grameen family of organisations in Bangladesh. Together we will develop a mobile-based literacy programme where young children can learn how to read and write by playing games.

The full article, in Swedish, can be read here