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About Edumanity

The name Edumanity embodies our vision of working with education for humanity.

Our founder, Torvald Jacobsson, worked at Lund University and transformed the traditional e-learning programme the Young Master Programme (YMP), inspiring young people to action for sustainable development. Being used by over 50 000 students in 117 countries, the YMP is now one of the most distinguished initiatives on education for sustainable development, as highlighted by UNESCO. It is also where Crowdlearning was incubated. Its success also inspired the establishment of Edumanity in 2014.

In today’s world changes are taking place in unprecedented amount, at unprecedented pace. The ability to navigate complex landscapes and find clarity has become an evermore important game-changer for any organization and community.

On Edumanity’s Crowdlearning platform, learning, innovation and problem-solving happen faster and with better results, because the Crowdlearning way addresses all the key ways we learn: through gaining new knowledge, practising the knowledge, and interacting with each other to create and share new knowledge.

Edumanity and crowdlearning

Wisdom of the Crowd

Humans are inherently social beings. We enjoy sharing and collaborating. We are stronger and better when we’re connected, when we collaborate. The crowd is more powerful than the lonely genius.

Learning takes us forward. We all have knowledge to learn. We all have knowledge to depart.There is tremendous amount of unexpressed and untapped knowledge within any group or organisation. When unleashed, these potentials will bring about positive changes.

Social Learning and Innovation

We work with any community or organization with a desire to learn more and innovate faster. We have the unique know-how and long empirical experiences in managing learning communities. Parallel to serving clients with our Crowdlearning solution, we also develop new Crowdlearning-based tools. Idea Hunt, successfully hived off from Edumanity in 2016, is an online community environment for companies to crowdsource ideas for product development and marketing.