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Breakfast Crowd for Innovation

DSC_0031Question: Here’s a group of people looking curious and interested, early in the morning at 08:30. What were they so focused on?

DSC_0036 Answer: They were at Edumanity’s breakfast seminar on Crowd Innovation, an event that was part of the Skåne Innovation Week 2015.


How do we think and act differently in a network society? Think new, think innovative.

Organisations (from small NGOs to multinational conglomerates), and societies at large, have always needed, and will always need innovation. A presentation by our Product Manager Elia Mörling drew cases from the past and present and showed how processes behind innovations are often iterative, accumulative and COLLABORATIVE. Advancements in ICT these days offer tremendous help for us to find likeminded peers, share and discuss ideas, and co-create wonderful things. Edumanity has developed the Innovation Loop for this purpose, and there are free and premium versions for organisations with different needs to use to foster innovation.DSC_0039The Innovation Loop is just beginning to take shape; it is going to evolve to get better. We don’t just talk about crowd innovation, we actually walk the talk – before we wrapped up, Elia announced that in a couple of weeks’ time we will launch an Idea Campaign to find the best ways to improve the Innovation Loop. Can’t wait for that? You can always reach us via with questions, ideas and comments.

Last but not the least, a big thank you to the crowd who came!

The secret about the Innovation Loop is out

There are many good ideas sitting on our and your minds, but only a small portion of them are expressed, shared and discussed. We believe that when people have access to the right tool,  brilliant, innovative ideas will come flooding. Yesterday (7th May) we witnessed just that at Edumanity’s official release of the Innovation Loop. We love using the Innovation Loop to start Idea Campaigns, because it easily and effectively harvests good ideas and refines them into brilliant ideas.


We’ve moved!

Recently we bid farewell to our office at Media Evolution City and moved into Kommendanthuset, a historical heritage in Malmö built in 1786.

The building has been through a lot, as one can imagine. In the past it was used as a hospital, weapon storage, prison staff quarter, residence and shelter for the homeless. Since 1965 Kommendanthuset officially became part of Malmö Museums and has been the site of photo exhibitions, pedagoical activities and seminars.

Some 50 years later, in 2015, the building is taking on a new mission and identity to becoming a node where organsiations that work on sustainable development with innovative pedagogical approaches are based. We are very happy to have been invited to move in to Kommendanthuset (or Kommendanten, as we amicably call it!).

Visit our Facebook page to see more photos of our move.

Edumanity = Education for Humanity

Edumanity = Education for Humanity

tj-kidsEver wonder why our company is called Edumanity? Because we believe in education for humanity. Learning is a lifelong action that can take many forms – this conviction is an underlying force in all our work.

In the latest issue of Malmö Näringsliv,a business supplement of the daily newspaper Sydsvenskan, our CEO Håkan Dennersten talked about how our track record of working on a UNESCO project has led to our current collaboration with the Grameen organisations in Bangladesh. Just a few years ago it would be hard to imagine how illiterate children could learn to read and write on a mobile phone. Today it’s a matter of doing it with passion, innovation and professionalism.

Read the article (in Swedish) here.


Meet Edumanity’s new colleague, Erik Emmerfors!

erikeErik is an addition to the support & technical aspect of Edumanity.

Eriks experience varies from working with art direction to programming or both at the same time. Basically he is a generalist. Last proud effort were at, where he was a part of the design team.
He also worked with sustainability at Goodworld AB. A short introduction is in order:

What gets you up in the morning?

Marie my partner then coffee to stay up.

What is your best characteristic?

I am extremely curious, why do you ask?

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am terrible at hiding stuff, best to keep them in the open.

What interests do you have? 

Later years I have found an unexplored interest, astronomy.

What is your dream destination?
I want to go the Antarctica and see wild penguins, they are awesome.

Erik, warm welcome to Edumanity!