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DSC_0031Question: Here’s a group of people looking curious and interested, early in the morning at 08:30. What were they so focused on?

DSC_0036 Answer: They were at Edumanity’s breakfast seminar on Crowd Innovation, an event that was part of the Skåne Innovation Week 2015.


How do we think and act differently in a network society? Think new, think innovative.

Organisations (from small NGOs to multinational conglomerates), and societies at large, have always needed, and will always need innovation. A presentation by our Product Manager Elia Mörling drew cases from the past and present and showed how processes behind innovations are often iterative, accumulative and COLLABORATIVE. Advancements in ICT these days offer tremendous help for us to find likeminded peers, share and discuss ideas, and co-create wonderful things. Edumanity has developed the Innovation Loop for this purpose, and there are free and premium versions for organisations with different needs to use to foster innovation.DSC_0039The Innovation Loop is just beginning to take shape; it is going to evolve to get better. We don’t just talk about crowd innovation, we actually walk the talk – before we wrapped up, Elia announced that in a couple of weeks’ time we will launch an Idea Campaign to find the best ways to improve the Innovation Loop. Can’t wait for that? You can always reach us via with questions, ideas and comments.

Last but not the least, a big thank you to the crowd who came!