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Learning by gaming

Learning by gaming


Our CEO Håkan Dennersten has been featured in the latest issue of Uppdrag mission. Responding to the theme of how to lift people out of poverty, Håkan talked about Edumanity’s collaboration with Professor Yunus and the Grameen family of organisations in Bangladesh. Together we will develop a mobile-based literacy programme where young children can learn how to read and write by playing games.

The full article, in Swedish, can be read here

Interview with Håkan Dennersten in Sydsvenskan

Interview with Håkan Dennersten in Sydsvenskan

Håkan Dennersten

[stag_intro]Håkan Dennersten, the CEO of Edumanity, was interviewed in the Sydsvenskan newspaper today:[/stag_intro]

The courses we build are a synthesis of gaming, social networking and traditional e-learning. We allow students to learn as much from their peers, as from their teachers. Our company is pioneering crowd-learning online.


All pieces of the puzzle are coming together; capital, big clients, a dedicated team, and a business model. I believe that Edumanity will grow rapidly, but our biggest competitors are conferences and traditional e-learning. We are ready to take the fight, and convince our future clients to make the shift.

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