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Learning by gaming

Learning by gaming


Our CEO Håkan Dennersten has been featured in the latest issue of Uppdrag mission. Responding to the theme of how to lift people out of poverty, Håkan talked about Edumanity’s collaboration with Professor Yunus and the Grameen family of organisations in Bangladesh. Together we will develop a mobile-based literacy programme where young children can learn how to read and write by playing games.

The full article, in Swedish, can be read here

Creating the 2020 Learning Organisation

We are participating in the Online Educa Berlin conference to learn more about the current and future trends of online learning. These are our notes from the half-day workshop “Creating the 2020 Learning Organisation” that is held by:

These Haiku notes are being live-updated:

A new awesome addition to our team – Amy!

Variation Amy

Meet our new colleague, Amy Chin!

She will be working on project TheGoals.org and fund applications for Edumanity’s projects.

Before moving from Hong Kong to Sweden 11 years ago Amy worked in publishing for several years, as writer and editor. Before joining Edumanity she was Project Officer at the Environment Department in Malmö and coordinated international projects.

What gets you up in the morning?

To walk my dog, first of all 🙂

I also look forward to learning new things every day. It’s important to stay hungry and foolish.

What is your best characteristic?

I observe, understand and analyse. I create order out of chaos and communicate complicated ideas in simple words.

Do you have any hidden talents?

While I can neither swim nor drive, I can change a light bulb and make tasty Swedish meatballs.

What interests do you have? 

1. Reading: novels, magazines, articles. I’m not a fast reader, but I read something every day.

2. Make things: Anything from doodling to paper collage to sewing a shopping bag, I find time to make something with my hands every week.

3. Mobile photography: Ever since I downloaded Instagram on my telephone two years ago I’ve been taking and uploading pictures almost every day.

What is your dream destination?

I don’t have a to-visit list, because I believe in discovering something amazing wherever I go. I just need to have my mind and eyes open. But in general I’m more intrigued by older places. New urban spaces feel boringly similar, while all old towns are unique.

Edumanity is expanding – Welcome Lotta!

Edumanity is expanding – Welcome Lotta!


Meet our new colleague, Lotta Eriksson! She will be assisting our CEO, Håkan Dennersten, with client projects, partners and sales.

Lotta has experience working with regional and international projects. She has recently been working with a youth project in Kalmar County, focused on creating new opportunities for young people to gain international experiences and exercise democracy. A short introduction is in order:

What gets you up in the morning?

I am passionate about meeting new people, and visiting new places. I love working in projects that, in concrete ways, improve the lives of others.

What is your best characteristic?

I enjoy talking to and in front of people. The bigger the group the better!

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m an expert at making crème brûlée. I have also jumped parachute 12 times.

What interests do you have? 

My big interest in life is riding, something I’ve been doing since childhood. Above all, show jumping and dressage. I have also worked as a riding instructor and off.

What is your dream destination?
Traveling is a passion of mine and the only continent I have not visited yet (except the poles) is South America. I really want to go to Costa Rica to see wild tapirs!

Lotta, warm welcome to Edumanity!

Interview with Håkan Dennersten in Sydsvenskan

Interview with Håkan Dennersten in Sydsvenskan

Håkan Dennersten

[stag_intro]Håkan Dennersten, the CEO of Edumanity, was interviewed in the Sydsvenskan newspaper today:[/stag_intro]

The courses we build are a synthesis of gaming, social networking and traditional e-learning. We allow students to learn as much from their peers, as from their teachers. Our company is pioneering crowd-learning online.


All pieces of the puzzle are coming together; capital, big clients, a dedicated team, and a business model. I believe that Edumanity will grow rapidly, but our biggest competitors are conferences and traditional e-learning. We are ready to take the fight, and convince our future clients to make the shift.

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How Crowd-Learning Technology Trends Have Influenced the Classroom

See on Scoop.itCrowd-learning


Teachers all over America are faced with this challenge of keeping students engaged in the classroom when their world outside of school is one of constant engagement and stimulation. Knowing the world outside of our institutional walls is only one step in addressing modern learning styles. How to act and adjust schools today is the next step in making the classroom of today ready for tomorrow.

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