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Learning by interacting with each other.

Crowd-learning means learning by interacting with each other.

What is crowd-learning?

There are a lot of ideas, knowledge and information hidden in organizations; inside the employed. Their new solutions and feedback could be spread to other members of the staff and make the company more resilient, creative and efficient. Crowd-learning is a very effective way of doing that.
Crowd-learning means learning by interacting with each other. The tool is web-based, social and expands organically. It puts the method in focus and takes us beyond the problems that exist with e-learning. Crowd-learning shows that knowledge is not only something that is spoon fed, in a top down and inside out fashion. The crowd-learning platform stimulates interaction, and promotes good ideas.


For what, for who?

It is suitable for the type of knowledge/learning that is difficult to convey through a textbook. For example problem-based tasks difficult to manage one by one. The method / technique is suitable for industries in constant development and change. It empowers globally dispersed organizations in a more efficient manner. Many employees want to participate, be active and spread their ideas. For this crowd-learning is perfect! The purpose is to get access to unique content within your organization.

Do you have alot of ideas but don’t know how to maintain them?

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